Delaying Male Orgasm

It’s certainly no secret that men typically reach an orgasm before women do during sexual intercourse. There are a few different explanations for this, with the most common one being that male genitals are much more sensitive to physical stimulation than female genitals are. However, regardless of the actual reason, the difference in orgasm times between men and women can often make or break a relationship. Oftentimes, couples tend to seek out different options to help delay the response of the male’s orgasm.

One method that most men try is a common penis exercise (see Penile Plus for more information) known as the Kegel exercise (named after physician Arnold Kegel), which is actually meant to benefit both men and women in ways that aren’t always necessarily sexual in nature. This exercise seeks to strengthen areas of the pelvis, thereby reducing issues relating to urinary incontinence in both genders, shifting organs in women, prostate issues in men, and even better, enhancing ejaculation control in men.

The Kegel exercise is performed in a rather simple manner. All that needs to be done is to simply tighten the pelvic floor muscles, then release them. These muscles can be felt whenever you attempt to hold back a urination stream. These muscles must be contracted and released approximately ten times each, ensuring that you count to ten each time. It’s extremely important that you concentrate on the correct muscle group, as most people tend to instead tighten up their abdomen or the surrounding muscles. Typically, the Kegel exercise should be performed every one to four days.

It’s also worth noting that it hasn’t exactly been validated whether or not the Kegel exercise actually helps men delay their orgasm. For starters, this is an exercise that needs to be performed over the course of a few weeks before any real results can actually be seen, which can be a real burden to some men.

An alternative to this exercise would be to invest in product such as pills, oils, or creams, which are most commonly sold online.

In the end, the method used to help delay male orgasm really comes down to personal preference. Some men may choose to use the Kegel exercise, while some may choose to invest their time and money into an actual product to help with the issue.