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Delaying Male Orgasm

It’s certainly no secret that men typically reach an orgasm before women do during sexual intercourse. There are a few different explanations for this, with the most common one being that male genitals are much more sensitive to physical stimulation than female genitals are. However, regardless of the actual reason, the difference in orgasm times between men and women can often make or break a relationship. Oftentimes, couples tend to seek out different options to help delay the response of the male’s orgasm.

One method that most men try is a common penis exercise (see Penile Plus for more information) known as the Kegel exercise (named after physician Arnold Kegel), which is actually meant to benefit both men and women in ways that aren’t always necessarily sexual in nature. This exercise seeks to strengthen areas of the pelvis, thereby reducing issues relating to urinary incontinence in both genders, shifting organs in women, prostate issues in men, and even better, enhancing ejaculation control in men.

The Kegel exercise is performed in a rather simple manner. All that needs to be done is to simply tighten the pelvic floor muscles, then release them. These muscles can be felt whenever you attempt to hold back a urination stream. These muscles must be contracted and released approximately ten times each, ensuring that you count to ten each time. It’s extremely important that you concentrate on the correct muscle group, as most people tend to instead tighten up their abdomen or the surrounding muscles. Typically, the Kegel exercise should be performed every one to four days.

It’s also worth noting that it hasn’t exactly been validated whether or not the Kegel exercise actually helps men delay their orgasm. For starters, this is an exercise that needs to be performed over the course of a few weeks before any real results can actually be seen, which can be a real burden to some men.

An alternative to this exercise would be to invest in product such as pills, oils, or creams, which are most commonly sold online.

In the end, the method used to help delay male orgasm really comes down to personal preference. Some men may choose to use the Kegel exercise, while some may choose to invest their time and money into an actual product to help with the issue.

Loving Yourself Before You Can Love Others

For numerous years now I’ve enjoyed sharing the knowledge of achieving happiness with others. Until you truly love yourself, only then can you have real inner peace and happiness in life. Once you start appreciating the person you are and life in general, then it’ll be easy to have a love for everything and everyone around you. The first step to take towards loving yourself is changing your total mindset. It’s a known fact that by staying upbeat and only having positive thoughts and emotions, then your body’s vibration levels are at a higher frequency.

Everything in the entire universe is composed of energy, including both you and I. By always staying happy and cheerful, you keep those energy levels at an extra high frequency. Once you find inner peace, then you have the ability to affect others in a positive way. Which spreads to others as well, helping to make the world a better place in which to live. When you have love for yourself, then you promote the Law of Attraction. Which basically means just like an antenna, we also send and receive signals of energy to one another.

By letting your love flow freely to others, you also help to increase the vibration frequency as well. Going back your days of childhood when you had a true, deep down love for yourself and others. Like starting over with a clean slate in your life.

Self love is having a true peace within and the person you are on the inside. Not only does it give you new meaning in life, you also find yourself in a whole new reality as well.

Doesn’t it make sense?

Having an unconditional love for yourself will open up doors of opportunities you’ve never imagined possible.

How to Create a Good First Impression

Most of us know that making that vital first impression can mean all the difference when it comes to relationships.

Any impression that others see as a turn-off can be a disaster insofar as your social life is concerned.

This can come in many different forms from body odor to a haughty know-it-all attitude and a myriad of other things that you surely don’t want from others, and you know they don’t want it from you.

When it comes to socializing, you have to get the right mindset and this will enable you to get out there and have fun no matter what the occasion, a wedding, a party or even a blind date.

But before you congratulate yourself too early, there are certain measures you should bear in mind. These are not confined only to getting ready for a date, but also you have to think ahead. What about during and afterward? Your main objective here should be to increase your confidence level.

Preparation for that first Date

  1. You want to keep yourself in good health and always stay well-groomed. Nobody wants to go out with a tired, woebegone person who coughs or otherwise indicates he/she doesn’t feel well. The most likely result of this will be a fear in the other person that he/she may catch whatever you have.

It’s important that you try to get enough sleep every night and rest on a regular basis. You can make up a balanced diet as well, and make regular exercise an integral part of your daily schedule. Maintaining any sort of regular regimen can be very difficult, but in the long run, these considerations will not only pay off in the world of dating but in overall health and well-being. Today, you can find more fitness centers nearby than pizza parlors, and in many, the cost makes a membership well worth your time and expense.

  1. Try not to get your hopes out of control. Chances are that a first date, or any subsequent dates, will end up in you meeting your soul mate.

The main thing to be gained here is that you do get to meet many charming (and admittedly sometimes not so charming), new people. All this will help you immensely in narrowing down just exactly what it is you really want in your mate.And sometimes you may fall for a date only to find that he/she doesn’t respond. Let it go. Worrying about it only hurts you and stalking, etc. is not only unhealthy but can only turn that person more firmly against you.

And sometimes you may fall for a date only to find that he/she doesn’t respond. Let it go. Worrying about it only hurts you and stalking, etc. is not only unhealthy but can only turn that person more firmly against you.

Besides, the more you get out and meet new people, the more interested you’ll become in continuing this, and having fun while you do it!

  1. Before you even have a date, it’s a good idea to consider casual activities you and a date might share. There can be many choices available to you. If there’s a beach nearby, you might suggest a day at the beach, picnic and all.

Many enjoy bowling or skating. A lunch date can be enjoyable. It provides a casual, friendly open visit. Afterward, if you like, you might ask for a second date.

There are a few clubs here and there where dancing is popular. You just have to look around to see what might be available near you.

  1. Always wear clothes that are comfortable. If you feel comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing, you’ll feel more confident about yourself and feel more relaxed as well. For a casual date, a sweater and jeans would be appropriate.

How to behave on that First Date

  1. Try to plan ahead for some light conversation, something you can talk about to break the ice with your date. That means no political or religious talk!

You might talk about a movie you’ve both recently seen or some event that happened, and it’s important to show real interest in your companion. You’re not a police investigator, but ask questions about your date, family, interests, etc.

  1. Try not to dominate the conversation with “me” talk. As mentioned above, keep your interest on your date. Another perk to be gained from this is that you’ll feel more confident and in control. Try to put your date at ease and learning about his/her hopes and aspirations can always be fruitful.
  2. Even if you’re a woman, it’s a good idea to offer to pick up the bill in a restaurant or cafĂ©. If you’re a man, it’s normally expected that you pick up the check and there should be no question about this unless your date insists on some other arrangement. If you’re the man and your date really insists on at least going Dutch (meaning that you split the cost of the lunch), you can accept gracefully.

It the date is a strong-minded lady and you absolutely refuse to listen to her, she may not be willing to accept a second date. These days, many women want to be treated on an equal basis than past custom dictated. And there are always other more subtle ways to treat her in the future.

  1. Plan for an end to the date. Most persons feel just a bit uneasy when it comes time to say good-night.

You may or may not feel comfortable offering a kiss on the cheek or perhaps a hug. If not, you may shake hands on that first date. At the same time, if you really interested, then you might want to let your date you’d like to see him/her again.

If things appear to have come to an impasse, then perhaps a simple good-night would be best.

What to do AFTER that First Date

  1. Give yourself a treat and a pat on the back. That will give you a little something to look forward to after that first date.

If you have a confident and feel like talking about the date, then you might want to sit down and talk about that first experience with someone, preferably older and more experienced. This sort of conversation can go a long way toward helping you understand what went well and what went badly and why. All this can be very helpful when you get to future dates.

2. Don’t be hasty in drawing conclusions about your date. It’s important to remain positive and usually a mistake to leap to conclusions.

It’s always a good idea in life to give the other person the benefit of the doubt and be sensitive to his/her wishes.

If you learn to maintain a positive outlook, you can always make difficulties are bearable for yourself as well as for others. In the end that first date shouldn’t cause you too much anxiousness. After all, it’s not a high-school mid-term exam. It’s supposed to be an enjoyable time with an attractive person.